Greywater from households

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The European standard DIN EN 12056-1 defines grey water as faecal-free, less contaminated sewage water, such as that accumulated from showering, bathing or washing hands, but also from washing machine and for treatment of industrial water or process water. The quality of water can vary greatly, as illustrated in the following survey:

(German Association for Rainwater Harvesting and Water Utilisation H201) Average (Bandwidth)

Showering, tub water + Hand wash basin

Chemical Oxygen Demand COD (mg/L) 225 (150-400)
Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD (mg/L) 111(85-200)
AFS (mg/L) 40 (30-70)
Pges (mg/L) 1,5 (0,5-4)
Nges (mg/L) 10 (4-16)
PH (7,5-8,2)
Total coliform bacteria (1/ml) 105 (10-105)
Faecal coliform bacteria (1/ml) 104 (10-105)