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Wasseraufbereitung und Grauwassernutzung

The heart of water saving is the treatment of previously used or contaminated water from different sources, e.g. greywater from households, groundwater and rainwater. The treatment of this water succeeds with the help of specialized cleaning technologies. How these function and how water treatment systems are planned, dimensioned and installed, learn here.


Rainwater is one of the most important sources for non-potable and drinking water production. Non-potable water, e.g. usage for toilet flushing, washing machines or irrigation purposes, can easily be obtained from rainwater with help from a rainwater harvesting system. Which components such systems contain and how a proper planning and dimensioning is achieved, read in this section.

Versickerung und Retention

Infiltration and retention are fundamentally important to protect stormwater and sewer systems from overloading. Infiltration systems, especially in residential areas, collect and deliver rainfall water underground. If this is not possible, often temporary storage (retention) in attenuation areas is required. Learn here how the construction of an infiltration or retention system as well as the calculation works.